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                                                Arysta Launched Microbe Insecticide PIRATES? GR in Japan[2014/09/03]
                                                New Zealand EPA Refused to Import and Produce Insecticide Ortus[2014/09/03]
                                                The First Half Income of Agrochemical Main Business was 1951.7 Billion[2014/11/04]
                                                USA Approved the register of Gowan’s Biopesticide CAPTIVA?[2014/11/04]
                                                The 20th Shandong Agrochemical & Crop Protection Equipment Exhibition [2014/11/04]
                                                The 14th ACE Was Held Successfully at Shanghai Expo Exhibition & Convention Center[2014/11/06]
                                                Fungicide: Requirement is Little, Price Keep Steady[2014/11/21]
                                                95% Glyphosate TC-Still Out of Stock[2014/11/27]
                                                Syngenta Launch Latest SDHI Fungicide- “Lv Fei”? in China[2014/11/29]
                                                Price Will Rise in Domestic TC Market, Predictive Analytics of TC Price[2014/12/05]
                                                Xingbai Received Flucarbazone Registration in China[2014/12/09]
                                                Sinochem International Corporation invests $156.6 mn to integrate agchem business[2014/12/18]
                                                China's eleven-month agchem export up by 11% in 2014[2015/01/09]
                                                Brazil bans neonicotinoids applications in cotton plants?[2015/01/19]
                                                China and Pakistan Will Strengthen Cooperation in Agriculture and Biotechnology[2015/01/28]
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